We will be on time. Your day is important. Waiting for the hired photographer to arrive should not be part of the day. We will arrive early to ensure we do not have to rush anything.

We will not become the main event. This is your wedding day. Most of our job is to capture the candid moments quietly in the background. We must also create formal portraits of you and your friends and family. We have done this hundreds of times. We use our time efficiently to get the best shots in the least amount of time. Most formal photography can be done in an hour. That’s it. The rest is candid. We follow you, you do not follow us.

We will be prepared. Would you go on a long road trip with no spare tire? Of course not! You would be surprised how many photographers do. The road trip is your wedding day; the spare tire is back-up gear. What do we have as back-up? We bring extra camera bodies, duplicate lenses, batteries, cables. We have two and three of everything we require to shoot your wedding. We even bring a spare photographer! Well, actually we always work as a team of two so we can provide a wide variety of images.

We will provide variety. Did we mention we always work as a team of two? That means that you get 2 Photographers, 2 Unique Perspectives, Twice the Coverage! We have the skill to provide true professional portraits and relaxed candid informal shots. On demand. That’s what you pay us for.

We will be consistent. When you view our samples, you can be assured that you will receive the same quality. It’s not hit and miss with us. We know in advance what the result will be. That means you always get our very best work!

We will not take photos of just your feet. Unless, of course, you ask us to. Then we will do so professionally. We listen to you. We go to great lengths to properly compose and light your photos, both candid and formal. Just because a photo is not posed does not mean it should not be thought through. Those recklessly taken photos are called snap shots. That is not what you are paying us for.

We will provide you with a contract. Our contract specifically outlines what is being provided in both goods and services. All liabilities and restrictions are explained. We leave nothing to be mis-understood by ourselves, or you.

We will keep it light. After all, it is your wedding day. It is a day of joy and celebration. We stay in that spirit. We do this because it is fun. What better job is there than photographing happy joyful people? We get paid for doing what we like to do. That makes us happy.

You will be pleased with the results. We know you will be. We always go the extra mile. There is always more in the final results than expected. All our final print images are fully retouched to remove imperfections and blemishes. We produce our own work paying close attention to detail and finishing. We want you to be satisfied. That’s what you are paying us for!

We deliver. That’s a real promise. Both in images and final product. We will personally deliver or ship the final product to you. Your Wedding Photography should be effortless. We strive to make it so.