Haim Adler, an Israeli born began his path with photography at the age of 9 as his father introduced him to the field.  In 1994, Haim turned his love of photography into his chosen profession, and since has photographed thousands of precious moments.  Equally skilled in the studio and on location, his assignments have taken him all over the world.  Due to a diverse client base, he has developed a broad foundation of experience that has enabled him to photograph almost any subject in or out of the studio.

Haim and his team of photographers know that the art of photography is not just taking pictures; rather it is capturing the spirit of the moment.  Haim believes that the best results are achieved by genuinely getting to know and listening to his clients.  This allows Haim to take the clients hopes and visions and combine them with his expertise which ultimately result in magically creative and impressive results.

Haim also understand the importance of photographers blending into the background within an event, while being alert and ready to capture those moments that will never be repeated.

Haim arrives at every event with the approach that his most important mission is to tell his clients story.  He envisions the story is being told to someone not attending and feels a deep sense of duty to make sure his photographs make the viewer feel as if they were present.

Haim is confident and proud in his ability to capture your vision and deliver art that will satisfy even the most critical eye.